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GWILEN tiles - diamond format 7,6x4,4


i.e. 262€ - 289€ /sqm. Sold in package of 0,50 sqm i.e. 150 tiles of 7,6cm x 4,4cm.

GWILEN tiles for interior wall application. A wide range of colors is available, proposed in 2 finishes, oiled or waxed.



GWILEN tiles are intended for indoor wall application. They can be used in all rooms of the house, in kitchen credenza or bathroom tiles, but also for example to highlight a wall. You can choose a single color, or combine them for unique creations adapted to your interior. Let your imagination run wild!

At GWILEN, we only use natural pigments, either mineral or metallic. All our creations are tinted in the mass, which gives them an inimitable depth of color. The shades we obtain are the result of a subtle marriage between our sedimentary material and our carefully selected pigments. Each shade therefore presents variabilities, due to the nature of the sediments that we use, but also to the artisanal processing that we carry out in our workshop in Brest.

We are committed to offering you a wide range of colors so that our tiles can be integrated into all your projects. We offer 10 colors, each available in two shades, pastel or intense, as well as a natural color. You can also choose between a oiled or waxed finish. Both finishes protect your tiles: oiled for a soft protection that enhances the material, waxed for a reinforced protection and more tranquility.

The price varies according to the chosen color. It includes the finish, oiled or waxed, made in the workshop.

The tiles are delivered in a cardboard packaging. The packaging unit is 0.50 m², i.e. 150 tiles.

Dimensions : 7,6cm x 4,4cm, épaisseur 1cm par carreau.

Poids : 55g environ par carreau, 8,25kg par unité de 0,50 m².




100% Breton materials
Handcrafted in our workshop in Brest (29)

Our material is natural and comes from a resource that has variability. Thus, the appearance and color may vary slightly from one piece to another, making each one unique. Far from trying to standardize this, we believe that this is the guarantee of authenticity and a simple relationship with natural materials and their richness.


Our tiles do not require any particular material or supply for the installation. You can use a classic glue and your usual tools.

We recommend a margin of +10% in the surface calculation, to compensate for cuts and adjustments during installation.

The material can be cut and has a hardness close to that of terracotta. To ensure a precise cut we recommend the use of a diamond disc, especially when making irregular cuts such as around sockets, taps, or pipes.


Clean with clear water and a slightly damp sponge or cloth. Regularly apply an oil or wax depending on the chosen finish to protect your tiles over time.