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Find here the answers to your questions about our material and our products. 

At GWILEN, we offer different finishes depending on the look you want to achieve and your use of our material:

BRUTE, the most natural version of our material

OIL, a soft protection that enhances the material

CIREE, reinforced protection and tranquillity

The final look is also influenced by the type of installation chosen. Different patterns can be achieved depending on the tile installation and the choice of a jointed or seamless installation. 

For more information, please visit the Finishes page of our site.

At GWILEN, we only use natural, mineral or metallic pigments. All our creations are tinted in the mass, which gives them an inimitable depth of color. 

For more information on our shades, please visit the Colour Chart page of our site.

Yes, you can use our tiles with an oiled or waxed finish for your kitchen credenza.

Yes, our tiles with an oiled or waxed finish are perfectly suited for use in a wet environment such as a bathroom. You can apply them in the same way as traditional tiles.

Our material is similar to natural materials like leather, wood or even stone. It is a material that lives and interacts with its environment and must be cared for, to allow time to give it a patina making it more beautiful every day. In order to protect our products, we advise you to maintain them by regularly applying oil or wax depending on the finish chosen.

Pour l’instant, nos produits sont réservés à un usage en intérieur, mais nous y travaillons 🙂

Pour l’instant, nos produits sont réservés à un usage mural en intérieur, mais nous y travaillons (aussi) 🙂

Yes, our tiles can be laid with or without a joint. The installation is similar to traditional tiles.

For more information, please visit the Finishes page of our site.

No, our products are substitutes for traditional tiles. You can use the same glue and tools that you would normally use to lay tile.

Yes, our products are water resistant. Our material has resisted immersion for 6 months in water. Our products in oiled or waxed finish are protected and resistant to water projections.

With an oiled or waxed finish, our products are resistant to the main stains.

For more information, you can download our information brochure which contains additional technical information.

Large ports, especially with ship repair activities or intense industrial activities, can indeed generate some residual pollution in their mud. This is an important subject which is also highly regulated and controlled: dredging operations assess very precisely the types and quantities of each pollutant potentially present. The subject of mud clean-up is the responsibility of port managers.
GWILEN is not in charge of dredging operations. However, we make sure that we only recover clean sediments. Moreover, we work exclusively with small fishing and yachting harbors in Brittany, which are generally much cleaner. So there is no risk with our sedimentary material, which is exclusively composed of clay, salt, shell fragments, and seaweed residues!

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