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Our 100% mineral material can be compared to a natural material like wood, stone or leather. It is a material that lives, that interacts with its environment and that must be taken care of, in order to allow time to give it a patina making it more beautiful every day. 

At GWILEN, we offer different finishes depending on the look you want to achieve and your use of our material. 


The most natural version of our material


A soft protection that enhances the material


Enhanced protection and peace of mind

The final result is also influenced by the type of installation chosen. Different patterns can be obtained depending on the laying of tiles and the choice of an installation with or without seal. 

carrés 8x8

Square / Straight

carrés 8x8 en biais

Square / Bias

losange motif B bis

Diamond / Straight

losange motif A bis

Diamond / star

losange motif C bis

Diamond / CUBES

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