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Plateaux merrazzo Gwilen
Plateau Gwilen Merrazzo
Plateau merrazzo H7
H7 Tray - Oyster/7cm diameter
Plateau Gwilen Merrazzo M13
M13 Tray - Mussels/13 cm
Plateua Gwilen Merrazzo
S19 Tray - Saint-Jacques/19 cm
Plteau Gwilen Merrazzo



Trays in Merrazzo, the marine terrazzo developed by GWILEN.

La matière principale est notre matériau sédimentaire, en teinte brute. Les sédiments proviennent d’un petit port du Mor Braz, le port de Quiberon. Nous y avons ajouté des déchets coquillers, des coquilles d’huîtres pour le plateau H7, de moules pour le plateau M13 et de Saint-Jacques pour le plateau S19, pour créer ce terrazzo 100% marin, 100% breton !
Each tray is handmade in our workshop in Brest.

The trays are an abstraction of shells. Their rough, raw exterior is like the outer shell. The interior, on the other hand, is riddled with shell fragments, evoking the mother of pearl and the interior of the shell. The very simple geometry of the trays makes them easy to combine, and allows them to adapt to any interior.

Their surface is oiled with a natural oil, composed of a vegetable oil and an iron-based siccative. This oil penetrates the material and hardens, making the surface waterproof.
The underside of the trays is covered with felt, mother-of-pearl white for the H7 oyster tray, navy blue for the M13 mussel tray and creamy white for the S19 Saint-Jacques tray.

A print on natural paper of the GWILEN manifesto, developing the origins and the stakes of the project, will be attached to your order!

Dimensions: 7cm / 13cm / 19cm diameter 

Matière : 100% Merrazzo d’huîtres pour le H7, de moules pour le M13 et de Saint-Jacques pour le S19