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Merrazzo tray 7cm


Merrazzo tray 7cm + GWILEN manifesto

Tray in Merrazzo, the 100% marine terrazzo, 100% Breton developed by GWILEN, handmade in our workshop in Brest.



Tray in Merrazzo, the marine terrazzo developed by GWILEN.

The main material is our sedimentary material, in raw color. The sediments come from a small port of Mor Braz, the port of Quiberon. We added shell waste, oyster, mussel or Saint-Jacques shells, to create this 100% marine terrazzo, 100% Breton! The oyster Merrazzo has a pearly sheen, the mussel Merrazzo is more bluish and black, and the Saint-Jacques Merrazzo has pale pink and coral tones.
Each tray is handmade in our workshop in Brest.

The tray is an abstraction of a shell. Its rough, raw exterior is like the outer shell. The interior, on the other hand, is riddled with shell fragments, evoking the nacre and the interior of the shell. The very simple geometry of the trays makes them easy to combine, and allows them to adapt to any interior.

Its surface is oiled with a natural oil, composed of a vegetable oil and an iron-based siccative. This oil penetrates the material and hardens, making the surface waterproof.
The underside of the tray is covered with a pearly white (oysters), navy blue (mussels) or creamy white (Saint-Jacques) felt.

A print on natural paper of the GWILEN manifesto, developing the origins and the stakes of the project, will be attached to your order!

Dimensions: 7cm diameter

Weight: 100g

Material: 100% Merrazzo (oysters, mussels or Saint-Jacques)




100% Breton materials
Handcrafted in our workshop in Brest (29)

Our material is natural and comes from a resource that has variability. Thus, the appearance and color may vary slightly from one piece to another, making each one unique. Far from trying to standardize this, we believe that this is the guarantee of authenticity and a simple relationship with natural materials and their richness.

Care tips:
Clean with clear water and a slightly damp sponge or cloth. Do not put in the dishwasher!